Video: FIR - Episode 1

Rawanpur's Imaan Chowki is preparing to welcome its new Chief of Inspector Hanuman Prasad Pandey. The police officers have heard news of his strict and discipline work ethics. Hanuman Prasad Pandey is passing through the village square when he meets Josh, an educated and unemployed youth. A robbery occurred and Josh helps catch the robber. Hanuman Prasad Pandey is very proud of him that he celebrates by shooting a bullet in the sky. Unfortunately, the bullet hits a coconut and falls on Pandey's head. Hanuman looses his mental balance and is taken to a mental asylum. Josh then took Hanuman's belonging to the police chowki. The police officers at the chowki welcome Josh, thinking he is Hanuman Prasad Pandey. In the mix up, Josh becomes the new Chief Inspector of Rawanpur's Imaan Chowki. F.I.R. is a story about a Haryanvi Lady Police Inspector. The story revolves around her and her sub- constables antics.